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Pittsburgh Regional Group

The Pittsburgh Regional Group provides resources for people with dyslexia, their families, teachers, schools, colleges, universities and all professionals throughout the Pittsburgh Region of Pennsylvania. Our work focuses on the expansion of awareness, understanding and best practices associated with dyslexia throughout the Pittsburgh Region of Pennsylvania.

We are advocates and supporters of stronger connections and collaborations among individuals and all organizations supporting people with dyslexia. We assist identifying resources outside of IDA to address parents’ and teachers’ needs/requests fostering community support and collaboration.

We hold several community events, seminars and workshops each year bringing experts on dyslexia, research based practices and learning disability topics to the Pittsburgh Region. We host in-service programs for school districts including Experience Dyslexia®, A Simulation that provides participants a chance to feel the experience of being a dyslexic learner in a classroom setting.

Our biennial conference is scheduled every other Spring and we hold Dyslexia awareness events during the month of October, Dyslexia Awareness Month. We fund and underwrite partial scholarships for teachers and parents to attend our events enabling greater participation across the Pittsburgh Regional metropolitan and suburban communities.

We warmly welcome any interested persons in the region to join us and to become involved in our work.  Contact us at 855-220-8885 or email

Upcoming events in the Pittsburgh Region can be found on the Calendar page and Pittsburgh Region Conference page.